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DSL/Broadband Access

PCstar offers the speed and convenience of Broadband DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service nationwide. All lines are provided by Verizon, AT&T and Covad so you are assured of line quality. You may be able to start using High Speed Broadband today! 

When you choose PCstar Broadband services you get the same line as you would if purchased direct from the Telecommunications company but without the higher prices and fees. Plus with PCstar you receive:

  • No additional fees

  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee

  • Excellent 24/7 support including holidays

  • Help for all your computing needs

  • We deal with the Telco so you don't have to

  • Fast implementation - usually within 5 days

  • All calls are answered by a person

Our comprehensive Broadband DSL service offers multiple IP addressing options including PPPoE, Dynamic, and Static (with additional IP Addressing for Business service available), DNS support, equipment options for modem / router / firewall, traditional line or Dry line DSL. You can find out if you qualify for High Speed Broadband in your area by filling out the DSL Inquiry form below. You are just a few short clicks away from High Speed Broadband Internet.

PCstar offers a number of Broadband packages to suit just about every need.

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